Photo Album of the Mennonite Heritage Tour to Germany, Strasbourg, and Switserland, May 2012.

Rhine view from Sankt-Goar castle

Strasbourg, bridge in the picturesque city center

Strasbourg, Church of St. Thomas, here the disputes between the reformed preacher Martin Bucer and the Anabaptist leader Pilgram Marpeck took place (1530)

Mont Sainte Odile, biblical scene at the ceiling of the chapel

Mont Sainte Odile, supper time

Schleitheim, Herr B?chtold, the museum keeper, leeds us around

Zürich, Limmat view with the towers of the Grossmünster Church

Zürich, intensely focused on...

...the helpful explanation of our guide

Zürich, more explanation

Emmental, view from Trachselwald Castle

Friedersmatt, where the Amish division between Jakob Ammann and Hans Reist took place

Ballenberg open air museum

Eggiwil, sunset

Bern, an amazing clock

Bern, historical city centre from above

Langnau, the director of the local museum shows us around

Beautifully carved wood in the museum

Relaxing and enjoying a stunning view of ....

...of the Bernese Alps

Sumiswald, gathering at the European Mennonite Conference

L?dernalp, view from the hotel