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Planning a self-guided Mennonite Heritage Tour? Or do you want to extend your stay after a guided Mennonite Heritage Tour? At this page you find some useful links from books to transportation and lodging.


defehrs.jpgDutch anthropologist Arlette Kouwenhoven follows the footsteps of 16th century Old Flemish grain merchant Gijsbert de Veer and his descendants, describing their whereabouts in Amsterdam, Danzig, the Polish Werder, the villages in the Russian steppes and later the Canadian prairie, to finally arrive in the Mexican desert, where they live today in one of the last communities that refrains from the use of electricity and cars. The story of the Fehr family is representative of what happened to tens of thousands of Dutch and Flemish Mennonite families. It is an amazingly rich, yet often tragic history that deserves to be told in detail.

See for more information Arlette's website and the book review of the Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia.

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